Why Choose Us?



Pam and I believe in a couple of things when it comes to business. We believe we should delight our clients (soon to be friends, we hope). Secondly, we want to give you your money's worth by using top notch ingredients and providing a great coffee drink that's worth your money in both size and quality. Lastly, and most importantly, we want to make your day just a little bit nicer. We do that by listening to what you want, keeping our machines fastidiously clean, respecting the environment by re-using what we can, composting the grounds and ensuring that our supplies are Fair Trade, organic and are packaged in biodegradable or recyclable materials.  

We hope to work hard for you real soon.


Richard and Pam Holman, Owners


Convenience –  With Bean Hive Coffee's all-inclusive Gourmet Coffee Service your employees and customers will be thrilled by the convenience of incredibly fresh barista-quality coffee at their finger tips. With convenience also comes higher productivity, service, and satisfaction in your workplace.Choice - Bean Hive Coffee can provide up to 14 unique flavors including espresso, cappuccino, café latte, café Americano, mochaccino and hot chocolate. Don’t forget the seasonal options like Hot Apple Cider!Fresh - Best of all, Bean Hive Coffee Baristas serve up great tasting freshly-brewed coffee. Unlike other coffee services that use pre-ground coffee or French press, our machines proudly serve espresso, freshly ground from the our Fair Trade Espresso blend beans every time.Hassle Free - No mess, no clean-up, and no stale coffee. Our service is environmentally sound - no more plastic pods going to a landfill.Absolutely No Cost to You - Our gourmet coffee service is a win-win proposition. We provide the machine, cleaning and maintenance at no cost to you. We keep your machine filled with top quality ingredients and you pay only for the cups poured.Happier Employees and Customers - Instead of your employees leaving the office to burn up their break time waiting 20 minutes in line at the nearby coffee shop, they can enjoy a gourmet cup of coffee in the workplace which makes for a satisfied employee who will feel appreciated. All customers like to feel valued and pampered and what better way to do that than to offer a fresh cup of specialty coffee when they enter your office?Businesses and other locations we serve:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Professional Office Buildings
  • Salons and Barbershops
  • Service & Repair Shops
  • Clubhouses or Golf Courses
  • Restaurants
  • Education & Community Centers
  • Movie Theatres & Performance Halls
  • Hotels, Motels & Dormitories
  • Sports Complexes
  • AND any other business that values an extra perk for their customers and employees…

Still not convinced...For a limited time get a FREE Trial Offer at your location with no obligation!  Let the Bean Hive Coffee Barista treat your office!                    Coffee  *  Latte  *  Cappuccino  *  Mochaccino  *  Espresso  *  French Vanilla  *  Hot ChocolateFor more information on a free trial of our outstanding Italian brewing machines call or email: